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How To Feel Confident When Traveling With Hip Pain

Are you preparing to travel from the winter heat of Florida to your home state for the spring? Or are you planning one last long-haul vacation before you head home?

But you have hip pain, and you’re worried about its impact on you when traveling to and from destinations, like how much pain you’ll be in or if your hip will seize up while you’re sat still for an extended period of time.

We see patients all the time with the same worries as you, so we know how daunting it can be when traveling with hip pain.

We thought we’d share with you some tips and advice for how to feel confident when traveling with hip pain, we dive into our tips for a smooth journey, how to manage your hip pain, and the best options for you to be able to travel in comfort.

Traveling With Hip Pain – Tips For A Smooth Journey

#1 Bring Cushions And Padding

When traveling with hip pain, it’s important to make sure you have plenty of cushions and things to pad out the seat you’re sitting in.

Whether you’re traveling by car, bus, plane, or boat, everyone knows that the majority of the time you can’t adjust your seat.

However, if you bring cushions, you can pad around your hips and your buttocks to make sure the seats aren’t pressing on painful joints or you’re sitting in a painful position.

#2 Stay Mobile

If you’re traveling a long way to get back to your home state or on vacation, you could be sat still for a long period of time on transport.

It’s vital that you get up from your seat and keep moving during your travel so that the joints in your hips don’t seize up and leave you unable to get up at all at the end of your journey.

For example, if you’re traveling by car, plan regular breaks into your journey to allow you to get out and walk around before you resume your journey.

Or if you’re traveling by plane, you could get up and walk down the aisle a couple of times when the seatbelt signs are off.

#3 Keep Up Low-Impact Exercise

Although you may be on your vacation or away from home for the winter, it’s still important to maintain some form of low-impact exercise to avoid the troubles of traveling with hip pain.

Low-impact exercise could include things like walking, aerobics and if you have access to a pool on your holidays, swimming is a great one too!

This is more of a preventative step, but it’s still vital to maintain your usual exercise routine to keep the pain and stiffness of your hip at bay.

#4 Correct Seated Position

As we’ve discussed earlier, seats on public transport can be very uncomfortable and make your hip pain worse than ever!

When using this type of seat, you can make yourself more comfortable by sitting on a cushion and elevating your hips into a position you’re comfortable in.

You should also endeavor to maintain good posture while you’re sitting. This means keeping your shoulders, hips, and neck in line without slouching over or leaning to one side.

Physical Therapy To Feel Confident Traveling With Hip Pain

People with hip pain can face a lot of challenges when traveling, and engaging in a physical therapy program can make all the difference.

Depending on the severity or duration of hip pain, physical therapy can help restore strength and flexibility in the hip joint, both of which are essential to increasing mobility while traveling.

With proper guidance, physical therapy can be instrumental in helping individuals feel confident enough to travel again, even with hip pain.

Right Now We Offer…

If you’re feeling a little unsteady on your feet or lacking confidence when you travel because your hip pain is overwhelming, don’t worry, we can help you to move around worry and limit-free so you can enjoy your vacation without fear!

Right now we’re offering our travel-ready assessment where you can speak to one of our expert physical therapists who will help you create a personalized treatment plan.

Then finally you can get back to feeling confident with travel and have a smooth journey without hip pain bothering you!

You can arrange your travel-ready assessment by filling in our simple web form or if you prefer to talk to one of the team over the telephone, call our Bonita Springs Clinic at (239) 992-6700.

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