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Telehealth Services

Concerned your never going to leave your house again? Fearful that you’ve lost mobility due to inactivity? Feel more unsteady on your feet? Having more difficulty getting around the house?

We understand that you may be losing the mobility, flexibility and strength that you need for those activities in and out of the home...

Do you want to learn more about Telehealth Physical Therapy?

Call (239) 992-6700 or take the Telehealth Quiz below..

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How does Telehealth work?

Telehealth physical therapy is very similar to in person visits.
  • We ask you questions
  • We complete an exam
  • We tell you what’s causing your problem
  • We give you options to solve the problem
  • Then we instruct how to solve the problem in your own home and get back to the mobile lifestyle you once had

Reasons our Telehealth option is so popular:

  • Clients that feel more comfortable staying home due to other health conditions
  • Clients that don’t want to be stuck in SWFL seasonal traffic
  • Clients that don’t drive and are unable to obtain a ride to the office
  • Clients that live far away from our office
Your journey to return to your active independent lifestyle in SWFL can begin from the comfort of your own home. Virtual visits give you the ease and luxury of getting the care you need from your home.

Want to Get Relief Faster?

Choose which option works best for you…

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