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"We Help Adults and Athletes Preserve Their Active Lifestyles, Despite Injury or Surgery, Through Physical Therapy and Wellness."

Your Health Is An Investment, Not An Expense.

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Who We Help at Kriz Physical Therapy

We seek to help those in Southwest Florida who have failed resolution of symptoms and dysfunctions in other facilities or with different health care providers. Our mission is to be known throughout the region as providing the most efficient and effective treatment in a warm, relaxed, and professional environment. At Kriz Physical Therapy, we strive to provide a memorable, personalized, and individualized experience for all patients, staff, and guests.

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Vicki, Bonita Springs: Overcame knee injuries and is back to playing with her grandkids.


Dave, Bonita Springs: Overcame ankle injury and is back to doing activities he enjoys.


Margaret, Bonita Springs: Overcame arm fracture and is back to doing activities she loves.


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We started Kriz Physical Therapy in 2008 knowing that there was a better way to provide physical therapy then we had experienced as physical therapists. We have both worked in a variety of settings from home health to private and corporate outpatient centers and grew weary of the practice models in which we worked. We wanted to create an environment where the focus was on the people we were treating and view them beyond the confines of the diagnosis and/ or body part being treated…

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