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Planning Ahead: What You Can Do To Reduce Lower Back Pain Before Your Next Journey

Spring is beginning to bloom here in Florida and we know a lot of people will be preparing to travel back to their home states in late April.

Whether you have a short road trip or a long-distance flight, lower back pain can turn a pleasant trip into a nightmare!

With that in mind, we’ve got some tips to help to reduce lower back pain before you set off on your next adventure. From packing wisely and investing time into exercise, there are many practical preventative steps you can take in the weeks leading up to your journey.

Familiarizing yourself with these pre-trip practices can make you feel more confident about traveling and also prevent some of that nightmare pain you’re worried about experiencing!

Invest In Supportive Shoes

An essential step to reduce lower back pain before you embark on your next trip is to invest in some supportive footwear.

With the right pair of shoes, you can ensure that your feet are adequately supported throughout long waits in airports and walking to and from transport.

The correct footwear should have good shock absorption, support the arch of your foot and provide good cushioning. Altogether, these elements should promote spinal alignment and take the unnecessary strain off your back when you’re walking or standing for long periods of time.

Strengthen Lower Back Muscles

Incorporating strengthening exercises into your routine could be a useful tool to prevent lower back pain and feel more energized when you next travel.

Prolonged sitting during long flights, train rides, or car trips can put huge pressure on your lower back and cause discomfort and pain, making your journey uncomfortable and seem even longer!

Integrating lower back exercises into your routine, will not only reduce lower back pain just in time for your travels, but you will also improve your overall posture and core stability, it’s a win-win!

Pack A Little Lighter

I can say from experience that it’s not fun trying to haul heavy luggage around when you’re traveling and over my years of vacations I’ve learned to pack my cases a little more strategically!

Lightening your suitcase load not only decreases the awkwardness of moving through airports, it also reduces lower back pain when you’re handling your luggage.

When we lift things, we may not always do it in the correct way and the part of the body to suffer for it is pains and strains is the lower back.

If you do have to lift a slightly heavy suitcase, it’s important to remember to squat down with your legs, keep the case close to your body and engage your core muscles and push up through your heels to lift.

This will distribute the weight evenly and use larger more powerful muscles for lifting.

Lumbar Support Pillow

A useful item you might want to invest in before you head off on your next adventure is a lumbar support pillow for the chair you will be traveling in.

As everyone knows, traveling on planes and trains can be uncomfortable as the chairs don’t provide the correct support for your body. A lumbar pillow might just reduce lower back pain and you can sit back and enjoy your journey!

These specially designed pillows work by supporting the natural curve of your spine reducing lower back pain while you’re sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Come For A Travel Ready Assessment!

If you’ve been experiencing lower back pain for a while, or the pain is just getting worse and you’re beginning to worry your travel date is just around the corner, relax. We can help you reduce lower back pain and get you prepared before you travel!

Right now we’re offering our travel-ready assessment where you can speak to one of our expert physical therapists who will help you create a personalized treatment plan, answer any questions you may have, and put you at ease about traveling with lower back pain.

Then finally you can get back to feeling confident with travel and have a smooth journey without lower back pain making your journey a nightmare! 

You can arrange your travel-ready assessment by filling in our simple web form or if you prefer to talk to one of the team over the telephone, call our Bonita Springs Clinic at (239) 992-6700.

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