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The Best Ways to Improve Balance for Seniors

Are you terrified of a dangerous fall? Are you scared to leave the house because you’ve lost confidence on your feet?

If so then this blog is for you!

Our team has carefully curated proven strategies of how to improve balance in seniors. Based upon years of experience working with thousands of patients, just like you!

In this blog, you will discover the reasons your balance may be deteriorating and what you can do right now to start on your journey of improved balance.

Why Is My Balance Getting Worse As I Age?

As we age, our balance can become more and more difficult to maintain. This can lead to falls that many never recover from. Here are just a few reasons your balance may be deteriorating:

– The body’s ability to maintain it’s equilibrium decreases with age due to changes in vision, hearing, reflexes, muscle strength, and the sensation of where one’s body is in space.

– Joints become less responsive to feedback from muscles and nerves. Making it more difficult to adjust posture quickly when faced with a sudden change in environment.

– Poor balance can be caused by medications, which can cause dizziness and confusion.

– Another risk factor is lack of physical activity, which weakens the muscles and reduces coordination in seniors.

You may recognise one or more of these factors, but there are other signs of bad balance that many people leave unchecked.

Common Signs of Bad Balance in Seniors…


If you suffer from vertigo or feel dizzy while standing for too long, this could be an early sign that your balance is deteriorating.

Using walls and furniture for support

As we grow older it’s only natural to start reaching for the handrail as we climb a flight of stairs or to steady ourselves as we stand up. Yet, did you know that our over reliance on this today can become the very reason we fall tomorrow?


If you find that you’ve suddenly become more clumsy than you remember. Bumping into walls or dropping everyday items it may be a sign of coordination loss.

Vision Changes

Blurry vision and poor depth perception can be contributing factors in a fall.

Most seniors notice some or all of these signs but do not necessarily make the connection to their balance.

The 5 Best Tips For Improving Balance As You Get Older?

The key for improving your balance is to not let your fear of falling keep you indoors! It is extremely important to stay both physically and mentally active. With the humid weather here in Florida, this can be a challenge for seniors.

Here are a few of our most valued tips for improving your balance this summer:

Drink plenty of fluids

Dehydration is one of the biggest causes of dizziness and light headedness. It’s important to drink lots of water throughout the day, especially during the humid months.

Wear properly fitting shoes that provide support

It can be tempting in the summer to throw on a pair of flip flops and run to the store. However, poorly fitted shoes with very little grip offer no help for keeping you on your feet. The right shoe can offer better grip preventing slips and improving stability when walking or standing.

Talk to your doctor about your medications

Most medications have side effects including; dizziness, drowsiness, or blurred vision. All of these can affect balance and increase the risk of falls.

Balance exercises for beginners

Perform Chair Exercises. Sitting in a chair while doing exercises like heel raises or leg lifts is perfect for beginners. This can improve balance without putting extra stress on the feet and ankles.

Fix your aches and pains

If left unaddressed, aches and pains will only get worse over time. People tend to ignore their issues and stay in their comfort zone. This is only a temporary fix! If you address your aches and pains at the route cause you can eliminate them for good.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Don’t know where to start?

This is something we can help with! Contact our physical therapist team for more information and help with exercises.

Improve Your Balance Quickly With Our Special Balance Assessment!

We understand that you want to regain your confidence, and get back to doing what you love without fear…

With our Special Balance Assessment we have helped thousands of patients do just that.

You can meet with one of our skilled physical therapists, who will assist you in identifying your weaknesses and develop a personalised treatment plan. We can also address any questions you have about trying physical therapy to enhance your balance.

You can arrange your Special Balance Assessment by filling in our simple web form or if you prefer to talk to one of the team over the telephone, call our at (239) 992-6700.

Don’t want to travel? Rather discuss your options over the phone? Sign up here for a Telephone Consultation!

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